Food Is Never The Problem
24 February | 2 PM CET | Online

How often do you blame food when your body feels unwell? 

And yes, often times the un-ease can be after eating food, but there is more to this story.

You are more aware than you have been willing to acknowledge! 

Join Max for this one-time Conscious Bodies Introduction and discover the tools so food is never the problem again. 

What if food could be a joy, a choice and a gift to your body?

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Using The Camera You Have Like a Pro
28 February | 2 PM CET | Online

There are so many amazing cameras in the world, and what if the one on your pocket was your most creative powerhouse?

Yes. Your smartphone.

Let’s destroy and uncreate everything that stops you from creating what you desire and discover 5 simple techniques to make your smartphone footage look and be amazing!

Are you willing to outcreate all limitations ?

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Listening To The Whispers Of Your Body
6 March | 2 PM CET | Online

Your body is communicating with you all of the time. 

Are you listening? 

Or are you calling it pain, dis-ease or a problem you need to fix? 

When you listen to the whispers of your body you can have a completely different reality, no matter what your relationship with your body is right now. 

Discover the tried and true tools of Access Consciousness to find the ease you can have with your body.

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Creating a Future with Video
13 March | 2 PM CET | Online

Are you willing to change people's realities?

Videos are an amazing tool you can add to your toolbox and you have INFINITE ways of expressing yourself in that medium.

There is no right or wrong way. What is your way?

Would you like to create a greater future?

In this call, we will dive deep into how you can use video to create the future you desire to have in the world.

Will you have that?

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