Talk To The Entities Beginning Online with Max Zoulek

What if entity awareness is a potency and gift?

Do you desire to learn how to handle and work with all the entities and energies you are aware of or pretending not to be aware of? And what about getting over all fear and resistance to entity awareness, for real!?

Join us for Talk To The Entities (TTTE) Beginning where you will learn how to develop your own awareness and change the way you see and work with the spirit world.

Time and Date 

29 May - 7pm CET
1 June - 7pm CET
5 June - 7pm CET
8 June - 7pm CET
12 June - 7pm CET
15 June - 7pm CET
19 June - 7pm CET
22 June - 7pm CET

Your start time in the world

What is included?

Video class and audio recordings.


Access Bars Class

Languages Available

  • English
  • Estonian
  • Spanish

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Note²: If this was a live class, would you miss a day of class?? For this online class, if you desire to have this class count as a prerequisite, you are required by TTTE to be live on each call in front of your camera. Let’s play!!

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